Why Have 1 B When You Can Have 5 Lyrics

Song Details: Why Have 1 B When You Can Have 5 Lyrics. The song is sung by GmacCash and the song name is
Lil Bro.

Why Have 1 B When You Can Have 5 Lyrics

I told my big brother we bout to make it out the hood with this one
I got us bro (we outta here)

Riding downtown, in my momma car (vrrm)
Dog in the yard, go ba-ba-ba-bark (roof, roof, roof)
Damn her ass fat, so I had to park (damn)
Ran outta gas, so it didn’t start (aye, f^^k)
Excuse me, bih I had to fart
I told big bro this gon’ make the charts (I swear)
He always sad, bih broke his heart (haha)
I told him, f^^k that bih, n^^^a
Get some money (n^^^a get some cheese)

I didn’t graduate, but I’m not a dummy (okay)
If the police catch it, you ain’t get it from me (at all)
Yeah I just ate, but I’m kinda hungry (hungry)
A lot of people hate, but my momma love me
(I love ya mama)

Why have 1 bih, when you can have 5 (five)
Why have 5 bihes, you can have 9 (nine)
I’ll give away a bih, you can have mine (you can go)
I need a break from a bih like it’s halftime

Blah blah blah blah bih, get out my ear (come on)
Always talking bout some sh^^
I ain’t trying to hear it (you hear me)
I had to tell big bro, like this my year
I’m bout to take off like, when you see a dear

Thousand dollar, earrings, you can see my ear (bling)
You’ll never catch me crying, won’t see my tears (at all)
You ever hit a bih that you been trying to hit for years (yup)
Finally hit, you feeling like the rookie of the year (hell yeah)

First time rapping, and I think I got a hit though (let’s go)
All I do, is step, on sh^^, I’m a big toe
Chill ass n^^^a, but yo bih call me lit though (come on)
Damn, I said yo bih, why she all up on my d^ck though (haha)
F^^k around, and dunk on a n^^^a, like I’m 6’4
Grandma was a gangsta, but she used to drive a 6 4
Yeah this beat hard, f^^k around and have to tick though (aye)
Damn this bih bad, f^^k around and make a flick though (aye)

When I born, they held me in the air like the lion king
Dog say he tripping, in the kitchen, he frying wings (bih)
If I don’t make it with this rap sh^^, imma try to sing (come on)
If I don’t like a n^^^a ’round me, I’m about to swing
(swing on that n^^^a man)

Lil bro

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